What Is f3-gt.com?

Hi, my name is Richard Rogers and this is my blog on ‘Formula 3 Google Traffic’ for video marketers.

The purpose of this f3-gt.com blog is to help those looking to crack the search engine code for better rankings.  Specifically, I want to help Local Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Bloggers and anyone looking to get increased visibility of their content online.

In this blog, I scour the internet for the best news, tips, advice and tutorials on video marketing, then present it to you (my audience) thus saving you endless hours looking for the best / most effective video marketing help!

With video marketing there are three main parts:

Formula 1 – Video Creation

You have to make something worth actually watching.  Whilst it doesn’t have to be a large cinematic production, it does need to have content worth watching.  These days, its more about adding value to your viewer than how polished the video is.

Formula 2 – Video SEO

You have to optimise your video correctly so that it stands a chance of getting indexed by the search engines.  Better optimisation can lead to super fast rankings in Google and the other search engines.

Formula 3 – Video Indexing

In order to get seen, your videos need to be indexed by the search engines, so that they show up in search results.  There are many ways to get indexed, Social Media, Website Embeds and Backlinks, etc.

In this blog, I will delve further into each of these 3 formulas to bring you what works and gets you real results.  So sit back and grab yourself a nice beverage, cos this is gone be fun!